Filming style

As a wedding videographer, I was always asked the following question, “What is your shooting style, cinematic or documentary?” My answer is documentary. By the way, the next was “Are you filming with DSLRs?”

“Unfold your perfect day in a passionate and spontaneous way.”, now I found it is the most suitable sentence to describe my shooting style. I love to observe what happens to the couples on their wedding day, and people around them on the day, unfold it discreetly. I do not like planning a story board and directing the couples how to act so to get the required footage to make a so-called “Cinematic” wedding film. I am okay with that, but this is acting, not wedding.

Wedding films must be natural and candid.

Beside Grooms and Brides, I also love capturing the reaction of their guests and relatives, that includes kids, grand parents, aunties and uncles, friends from local or overseas, etc, whoever being invited to the wedding ceremony and reception. Having them captured in the video would be lovely and memorable when the couples watch the video every time.

I hope my sample videos speak for themselves.

Vivian + Dennis – a traditional Chinese wedding

This is one of the wedding videos (highlights) that I love so much. Vivian and Dennis are a good friend of mine and we know each other for some years. Their wedding was a traditional wedding including tea ceremony at both family’s house, full of fun and tears. And there’s a lot of fun during the door ceremony especially the bridal party gave some difficult tasks to Dennis, waxing his legs was the most painful one, I know I shouldn’t but I couldn’t stop laughing while filming this moment and at the same time I had to make sure the camera wasn’t shaking. Vivian and Dennis was a lovely couple which really made this highlights so enjoyable to watch again and again.